About Caitlin

Caitlin Lindsay Rose is a painter and performer from Shreveport, Louisiana. In 2013, she earned her Bachelor of Liberal Arts (BLA) in Studio Art from Centenary College of Louisiana. Most of her time at Centenary was spent finding herself in her artwork and apprenticing with Bruce Allen. Caitlin spent the summers of 2012 and 2013 assisting Allen with the CFD Western Art Show in Cheyenne, Wyoming. She also spent a short time growing her love for Ancient art by studying ancient temples, artwork, and culture throughout Greece. Caitlin graduated with art departmental honors.

Since graduating, Caitlin has focused on positive community involvement through various art experiences. Self-growth and learning how to make a positive impact within her community are two things that inspire her artwork. She is a live painter for an audio-visual project called Vela Nora, in which she uses color and motion to create a unique connection with original music  performed by Leigh Rose (guitar/vocals) and Ben Kitterlin (drums).

Caitlin’s personal work represents an unapologetic form of self-exploration. She is best known for her freeform circle paintings and vibrant layers of brushwork. With ever-evolving movements of texture and color, she produces a calming atmosphere out of intense emotion. As an artist, Rose wants to show the world the rewarding beauty of trusting your individuality. She uses her brush as a tool to tell stories of growth, acceptance, and independence. She also enjoys creating unique artwork for clients, revealing warm reminders of her bold style in every custom piece.

Caitlin regularly offers private art lessons and “drink & paint” parties. Updates on Caitlin’s artwork and her inspirations can be followed on her Facebook and Instagram!